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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Athena's Home Novelties' Convention

It's taken me a while to write this, such a busy week, but in a really good way!!!

I was honored by being invited to Athena's Home Novelties Convention this past Saturday. They are carrying the For Your Nymphomation Adult Toychest now in their catalog and the Rolling Toy Trunk as what they call a "supply item" (being sold to their Goddesses or Adoni only - aren't those the cutest names for their consultants?). They began with a hilarious opening number which I video taped from the side of the stage, will upload video soon. Now the funniest part was the blonde with the go-go boots and super short dress throwing the candy - this super groovy chick was Ed, a MAN, the buyer who orders from me. He did drag a little too well!!! ;-) "LOVE YA ED!"

Anyway, they invited me to speak & promote these 2 items and tell them how wonderful they are. Well, I was a bit nervous, there were about 400 people there, and while I had taught graphic design at a local college, that was only a captive audience of 20 at most. I normally don't have problems speaking to a crowd, but wow, there were a lot of people! They had another speaker first from a toy company and then the smooth-talking announcer introduced me. ... "here we go" I thought, "deep breaths"....

I wheeled a
Rolling Toy Trunk behind me that I brought from New York to give away to a lucky goddess and carried an Adult Toychest in the other hand. I looked out over the huge audience at the Stadium Auditorium in Woonsocket, Rhode Island & was almost blinded by the spot light. The second I said hello, my nerves totally calmed and I started speaking freely. I was even funny at times, but mostly matter-of-fact. I thought I was maybe TOO matter-of-factual and *wish* I were a little funnier... but how funny are discreet storage items with glow-in-the-dark zipper pullers and washable nylon linings??? But at least I got them all enthusiastic about wanting to WIN one of the 2 item... and happily called the name of 2 lucky goddesses. The winner of the Rolling Toy Trunk was a pregnant woman who told me during the lunch break how happy she was to win it. I'm so glad someone who really wanted one was the winner, "congrats Ms. Pregnant Goddess" who's name I can't remember!

They did a little silent film skit, complete with dialog written on a still shot, with the new products called "The Adventures of Craig and Ed" (Ed was in drag again, of course!). My favorite part was when Ed opened his night table draw & it was empty, but Craig told him not to worry... and slid out from under the bed
an Adult Toychest which he unlocked and was filled with goodies. If I play nice, maybe I can get a copy of that to post on the For Your Nymphomation website???

The day itself was amazing. Athena's is such a well organized and thoughtful company. I think if I hadn't started For Your Nymphomation I would have signed up in a second to be a goddess! There was an electrifying energy in the air and an excited crowd obviously having so much fun. Their owner and "mother goddess" Jennifer Jolicoeur is an incredible person. And extremely generous! She gave away thousands of dollars worth of product to top sellers and raffle ticket holders. Half the raffle money went to a lucky winner and the other half went to a charity. She said more than once she LOVES to give away stuff! It's nice to see that an owner of a company cares so much about the people working for her. She's super kind, funny, so easy to talk to and it's obvious from the crowd's reaction that she's very well loved by everyone.

What an incredible day I spent with them, I also had the honor to pull 3 more raffle tickets to give away 2 more
Adult Toychests and a 3rd stuffed full of the new products they reviewed during the day. My drive home was only 3.5 hrs, not the 6 it took me to get there in the pouring rain (route 95 in CT was the worst, 3 accidents and 15 MPH... people don't know how to drive in the rain!)

Now they did NOT ask me to plug them in this way, this is my own personal plug: if you are looking to make some extra money or to make a complete career change and have some fun "partying" for a living, sign up with
Athena's Home Novelties (it wouldn't hurt to tell them I sent you!).

~Vera, Owner, For Your Nymphomation


  1. Vera - You were amazing and funny - Letting the trucks lid flap open in such a Vanna way about it- and then having an assistant come up to help you!
    The rolling trunk and toy chest are amazing - with the glowing the dark zippers, velco and washable pockets - You ROCK!! Thank you for taking the 6hr drive in the rain to show us your company!!
    Wendy Goddess 1366

  2. Vera, it was a pleasure meeting you and having you on our stage at Athena's last weekend! I'm looking forward to showing off the new toychest at my party tonight!

    Goddess Heather Grieco #212

  3. Vera, we all adored you!! i love the products, both the suitcase and the smaller hid-awy chest. having been a goddess for over 3 yrs, i know lots of my clients would love the new toy chest!

    good luck and happy buzzing to you!

    mary brown, goddess 701

  4. Vera - You will be happy to know that the other Goddess that won the Adult Toy Chest (also a Pregnant Goddess) LOVES the item!!! I am planning to order more as I carry stock and I know once my customers see it they will HAVE to have it NOW...Just like I did! It is a fantastic item and I love it! Thank you for pulling my number!

    Goddess Jenifer Bartoszek #633

  5. Vera - you were Awesome and I love your products! The Adult Toy Chest is exactly what I need to keep all my 'naughties' safe and secure from young curious little ones! I can't wait to get one, lock it up and stow it away under my bed. Then of course, I'm saving up for the rolling trunk to make parties easier! Thanks again for coming to our event!

    Kris Latulippe Goddess #1972

  6. Vera- it was great to meet you Friday night and then see you on stage looking FABULOUS on Saturday! You were amazing! I can't wait to get my Toy Chest and share it with my customers!

    I'm glad to hear that the ride home on 95 wasn't as bad. Looking forward to seeing you again in the future!

    Goddess Alison Ginter

  7. Vera,
    Thank you soooo much for your presentation. You were wonderful.(even if the toychest was a bit shy and didn't want to work with you)LOL! It was a pleasure meeting you. Can't wait to show off the toychest to my customers. And Im glad that the ride back home was much better.

    Lisa Goddess #1297

  8. Vera,

    It was lovely to see you as always! I am so glad that you have forged a great partnership with Athena's. Hopefully I will see you at the Winter Fetish convention again this year.

    It was such a wonderful surprise to see you and I hope we'll have the pleasure of seeing you at another Athena's event soon.


    Holly Rowe, Goddess 960

  9. What a wonderful woman you are Vera. It's great to see another woman not only making her dreams a reality, but doing it SO well! You're products astound me and I cannot wait to get my own toy chests to show and to use for myself. Thank you so much for taking the time (and the effort! That traffic must have been awful!) to come to our meeting!

    Goddess 1988

  10. You are too kind! We loved having you there AND you did great!! I sold a toy chest at my party that same night and have now added it as a permanent part of my demo!! Can't wait to sell more!!

    Athena's By Shelly B
    Team leader of The Devilish Divas
    visit me at shellyb

  11. Vera- Thank you for bringing your wonderful products to our meeting! And thank you for spotlighting Athena's on your blog and website. I hope to see you and your products again in the future! Goddess bless!
    -Melissa Grenier, Goddess 1537
    Team Leader of The Sex Bombs

  12. Thank you ladies for all the love! WOW! I am completely blown away, I hadn't seen more than half of these wonderful comments until now! You are all so lucky to be working for such a fantastic company, kudos for your smart choices! ;-)

    I hope to see you all again another time, I'm always designing new storage solutions & hopefully Athena's will be offering more choices in the near future... in the meantime, "goddess bless" back at you all! ;-)